Ebola virus in Sierra Leone

Greetings Afrekan Family

As you know Afreka is under siege of the Ebola virus.
Many in the community are partaking in a Galaxyafiwe Radio initiative and are collecting

items to send to Sierra Leone.  We are asking if others in the community can do the same

for the other nations suffering this atrocity on our people or contribute to the Galaxy led appeal.

We are requesting sanitary/sterile/disposable items such as, rubber/paper gloves,

disinfectants, bleach, paper cups/plates & utensils, sanitary pads (not tampons),

disposable nappies/diapers etc.  We need them packed into boxes, ideally.  Members of the

community can contact any of these collection points/people.

If the community wish to make a donation, they can go to www.galaxylionmountain.com

Thanks for your help on behalf of

Mama Afreka.

London Coordinators
Sth East London coordinator

A.D.E. Photography and printing ltd,
Unit 49-52 Rye Lane Indoor

48 Rye Lane
SE15 5BY

TEL: 0207 165 5483 MOB: 07930 875 012

Sth West London coordinator

78 Broadway Market
Tooting High Street
SW17 0RL

East London coordinator
CVTF Radio

TEL: 07950 838 482



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